Nikos (NEEKOS) is Greek for “victory of the people.” Team Nikos is named as such because the game of basketball is a team sport, and achieving victory as a team is dependent on each player on the team working hard and communicating together as a unit. Hence our Team Nikos motto, “One Team One Unit, One Unit One Team.”
Academy is skill-based training in the fundamentals of basketball, focusing on aspects of the game such as dribbling, shooting, passing, footwork, etc. Academy is held twice a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 5 pm to 7 pm at Ladera Sports Center. You may sign up via our website here.
An individual workout out is generally an hour-long session in which your student athlete will receive individual instruction on various basketball fundamentals and skills, all designed to improve his or her overall basketball game and ability.
Private (individual) workouts are scheduled directly with a coach of your choice. The sessions are held at Ladera Sports Center.
Group workouts consist of 2 to 4 athletes working with one coach for what is usually an hour-long session. There is more individual attention provided in a small group workout than what is received in an Academy session, but less than what an athlete would receive in a private/individual session. Group workouts are available through select coaches on our staff. Please contact our Academy and Training Director, Brandon Holmes (, for more information.
The cost for an individual workout is $70 per hour; for a small group workout it is $45 per participant.
Workouts are generally 1 hour, but could sometimes run up to an hour and 15 minutes.
Our Club teams consist of players who have tried out and been selected by our staff of professional coaches to participate at the Club level, versus NJB which is our recreational division and open to all athletes regardless of skill level. Our NJB teams play in 6- to 8-week sessions during which they practice and play against other NJB teams in the same grade/division level. Our Club teams take part in a 5- to 11-month season, with practices twice per week and participation in competitive tournaments twice per month. Our Club teams may also travel to other cities and/or states for these competitive tournaments. Our Club teams have professional coaches, while our NJB teams have volunteer coaches.
We have tryouts twice a year, generally during the last week of August and the last week of February. For exact dates, times and location of tryouts, please check back on our website.
The cost varies from season to season, and depends on a number of factors. Please contact our Program Manager, Carol Miller (, for current cost information.
We focus on developing the individual athlete through skill-training in the fundamentals of the game, while also providing them with opportunities to enhance their basketball IQ and concepts of teamwork in competitive games and tournaments. Once they reach High School, our program participates in viewing tournaments that gives them visibility to college coaches and helps facilitate communications with college recruiters.
Club team practices are held twice per week, each session lasting an hour and a half, with the focus on team development (running offensive plays, learning defensive sets, setting screens, running press breaks and inbound plays, and scrimmaging with other teams). Academy is also held twice per week, each session lasting 2 hours, with the focus on individual skill development (ball handling, footwork, attacking the basket, shooting, etc.).
Although Academy attendance is optional, it is highly recommended that all of our youth athletes attend Academy in order to continue their individual growth and development as basketball players. The skills and drills that are practiced in Academy are not generally included as activities during a team practice.