Practice Player Program

Team Nikos Practice Player Program

Team Nikos Basketball Academy is an ever-growing program.  In order to meet the demands of incoming players who are ready to compete at the club level, we have implemented a Practice Player Program.  This will allow new, competitive-level players to join the Team Nikos program as a “practice player” when there are no open roster spots available in their grade level.


In order to join Team Nikos as a practice player, a youth athlete must be evaluated by one of our professional club coaches.  This may involve attending at least one Academy session and/or one team practice session.  If it is determined that the player is able to compete at the level required to be a club player, they may be invited to join as a practice player IF there is a spot available.  Invitations can only come from the Coaches’ Director once they have confirmed readiness with the coach(es) in that grade level, and once availability of an open spot is confirmed with the Program Manager.


Practice player spots are limited to one (1) per team.  For example, if a team has nine (9) players on their roster and is therefore “full”, the addition of a practice player will give that team ten (10) players for practices.  For the current 2016-17 season, teams will not exceed ten (10) total players for practices (9 roster players plus 1 practice player).  Although the maximum roster number for future seasons is subject to change, it will remain that teams with full rosters will only be allotted one (1) spot for the addition of a practice player.


The monthly cost to be a practice player is currently $200 per month, not including payment processing fees, and is subject to change.


Practice players will need to purchase the standard Team Nikos Uniform/Gear package for the current season.  This package typically includes a game uniform (reversible numbered jersey and shorts), 2 practice jerseys, a warm-up/shooting shirt and a backpack.  The price of this package may change/vary from season to season, but generally runs around $250 to $275.


Practice players in good standing with no payment delinquencies are eligible to sign up for Off-Weekend Tournaments (OWT’s).  The same standard OWT rules and policy applies to practice players registering for OWT’s and may be reviewed here.  The cost to sign-up for an OWT is $41.24.

Practice players in good standing with no payment delinquencies may also be eligible to participate in regularly scheduled tournaments BY COACH INVITATION ONLY.  This means that they could play in a regular tournament IF AND ONLY IF a team is going to be short players for a particular tournament, AND the coach of said team invites a practice player to participate with his/her team for that specific weekend.  The cost to participate in a regular tournament is also $41.24, but may vary depending on the location and size of the tournament.

Practice players must also submit their birth certificate, most recent report card and AAU membership card (with Extended Coverage; club code WWC6WC) in order to be eligible to participate in tournaments.  For more information on how to join AAU, please click here.


For questions regarding the Team Nikos Practice Player Program, please contact Program Manager, Carol Miller, at

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