Brandon Lott


Coach Brandon started playing basketball at 10 years old.  His introduction to basketball began on the playground where it led him to NJB and then to club basketball with the Long Beach Road Dogs. Playing for a travel team made Coach Brandon realize how much work was needed to be an exceptional club basketball player.

While at Durango High in Las Vegas, Nevada, Coach Brandon played the 4 (power forward).  His team ranked nationally in the top 25.  Upon high school graduation, he decided to continue playing ball and took his talents to Ohlone Junior College, where he was number one in the state of California for three point percentage.   This success recruited Coach Brandon as a division 1 point guard.  He finished his college career at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas.  Moving back to California spurred a new adventure in 2014 as a head assistant at Orangewood Academy, where the Spartans won their first CIF championship.

Coach Brandon’s coaching philosophy is simple: what you put in is what you get out. He also believes it’s a grind like any job is, but when you teach life application through skill development, the lightbulb moment happens.  Basketball is a tool he uses to drive home this important life skill and feels that if he can positively impact kids with this lesson, his job has been done.

What Coach Brandon loves about basketball is the grind.  He would wake up at four in the morning to hit the sand dunes for two hours then hit the gym for four hours working out and training with weights.  Coach Brandon reflects, “Knowing that I was starting my day doing something no one else was doing at that time gave me an edge that I miss today!”  Now, he can pass along this love of training through his coaching of young athletes.  Coach Brandon is committed to growing his players and making a difference.