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Program Highlights

  11 Month program with included Academy 2.0 for the 12th month.
  1 dedicated coach per team
  2 (120 minute) Training Camp sessions offered for the entire 12 months
  2 competitive tournaments per month
  Professional and experienced coaches and trainers
  Team film sessions/analysis throughout the season
  All coaches are screened by AAU, and are certified USA Basketball
  Pep rallies and team bonding events throughout the season
  Player evaluations throughout the season


Orange County’s #1 High School “Feeder” Program




As our boys transition into the High School Program over the next month or so, I wanted to take a moment and extend a sincere thanks to our coach Chris Zeller! Coach you have been patient, understanding, tough, intense, and fun all at the same time. That is tough to do and very much appreciated.

Each player on this team has shown significant improvement under your guidance, and the team as a whole has really come together and had some amazing games! We are all very lucky to have had you working with our boys during this critical year in their development, thank you again for all that you do and have done.

And finally, I want to say congratulations to Coach Zeller for his well deserved Coach of the Month award in February! My apologies for the late acknowledgment but felt it was something everyone should know. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend, Go Nikos!

Steve, Thank you for your message. We think you are doing a great job, and we are lucky to have such a program so close to our home.

Steve, Wow! Well said!! I’m so happy that my kid is playing for “Team Nikos”. I really love when you said, “The Right Way.” I work in implantable medical device and that’s what I believe in “Doing the Right Thing” for the patients each day and every day.

Coach Rich gives each player personal coaching time working with them on their individual short comings and finds positive ways to build their confidence and skills. He makes every player feel important to the team regardless of what position they’re playing or how much play time they get…Coach Rich made a huge difference for our son’s love of the game and exemplifies how a coach should interact with his team.

Coach Brandon is a very effective communicator and has helped my wife and me to always feel comfortable talking about the team and our son’s development.  We have 3 other children playing elite club soccer and feel that Coach Brandon ranks far above other club coaches that we have worked with in the past several years.

Coach Brandon has helped our son to understand many different aspects of the game and how to commit to a disciplined work ethic on and off the court. Coach Brandon always makes it clear to the players that the focus is on development of skills in basketball and in life. Coach Brandon has helped to inspire our son with motivating and positive coaching.  He has helped our son to commit to being the best basketball player and person that he can be.

Coach Brandon patiently worked with our son on his ball handling skills, shooting form, defense and overall game acumen. Our son’s skills have steadily improved each week.  We are very happy with the level of improvement he has made and credit Coach Brandon.

Coach Brandon patiently worked with our son on his ball handling skills, shooting form, defense and overall game acumen. Our son’s skills have steadily improved each week.  We are very happy with the level of improvement he has made and credit Coach Brandon.

Thanks so much for the opportunity you afforded us.  You have helped make a tough year a bit nicer for us; thank you again so much for all you did.

Not only has Rich been a great coach to Kyle at Nikos, but he has also shown that he cares about Kyle off the Nikos court.  My son was struggling with his high school basketball team and Rich got involved and really helped by taking to his high school coaches.  Because of Rich’s involvement, my son was provided another opportunity to play with his high school team this past summer and excelled.

Coach Brandon was a very positive coach, was very respectful, and the kids got along with him.

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"The #1 High School Basketball Preparatory Program"

Helping You Achieve Your Full Potential

Team Nikos Basketball Academy began running Club teams in 2009 when it was determined that kids participating in our Academy sessions needed more competition and challenge than what they were experiencing with local recreation leagues. We started with 2 boys’ high school teams in the spring of that year, and eventually added a 7th grade girls’ team. In 2010 the number of teams doubled from 3 to 6, and we have consistently grown every year since.

We now offer at least 2 teams at each grade level from 3rd grade through High School, with most grade levels at 3, 4 or 5 teams deep. We also have an 8U/2nd grade club team, making our program accessible to the youngest of competitive athletes. T.N.B.A has quickly become the #1 Club basketball program in Orange County!

8-Time AAU National Champions