Team Nikos Basketball Academy is a dynamic and rapidly growing youth basketball organization based in South Orange County, California.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the skill and basketball IQ of every player throughout the course of each season. We place a tremendous amount of confidence in playing basketball the way it was meant to be played, with skilled and intelligent players forming together as one to create a successful team. Our motto is “One Team One Unit, One Unit One Team”. Team Nikos strongly believes in teaching the game and helping players develop both on and off the court.

Here are some of the exciting highlights of our accomplishments:

  • We have grown to over 200 youth athletes on 23 teams (ranging from 2nd Grade to 8th Grade) currently competing in our program.
  • We have won six AAU National Championships, in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
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Our mission is to dramatically improve the skill and basketball IQ of every player throughout the course of each season.

The game of basketball has become the focus of tremendous attention in the sporting world.

Every March our nation is captivated by the NCAA Tournament and March Madness. Rarely do we watch TV and not see an NBA star advertising shoes, cars, cell phones, etc. Our society loves the game of basketball, and we thrill to watch these phenomenal athletes slam dunk, fly through the air and knock-down 3-pointers.

When Team Nikos first came into existence, an unfortunate trend was appearing at all levels of this great game. Even though players had become bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before, the overall skill level of basketball players had taken a dramatic dip. The fundamentals of the game were being overlooked. Proper footwork, shooting mechanics, triple threat position, and passing angles had all taken a backseat to the “entertainment” of the sport. The game of basketball had become a glorified athletic contest, and skill levels were grossly neglected. Lack of the basic fundamentals and understanding (IQ) of the game is the primary reason Team Nikos Basketball Academy was established.

Team Nikos strives to restore the beauty of the game of basketball by teaching the fundamental skills to players of all ages, gender, and abilities. Our club teams further this mission by providing our youth athletes with an opportunity to take what they learn in practice and Academy and put it to use during competitive games.

Our Academy and Club coaching staff is made up of former college and professional basketball players, and professional basketball coaches, all of whom have had very successful careers in the sport of basketball. These highly knowledgeable men and women have been involved with championship-caliber teams, and many have played and/or coached in the nation’s finest arenas on national television. The experience, knowledge and skill of these coaches make up an enormous amount of wisdom and basketball IQ within our organization.

At Team Nikos Basketball Academy, we have had tremendous success on and off the court. With hard work and dedication from the players, coaches and trainers, the athletes at Team Nikos Basketball Academy have had opportunities to play at the next level. On the Club side, our program provides athletes with professional coaching that promotes personal development as players, and allows them to gain exposure during competitive tournaments. At the High School level, our program facilitates communication between our players and college coaches so that they may find opportunities to play at the next level.

This said, not all youth athletes make the decision to go on to play professional basketball, or even college basketball, so we are proud to know that our kids develop as quality young men and women off the court as well. As trainers and coaches, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to teach important concepts of life through the game of basketball. Life concepts such as hard work, dedication, leadership, teamwork, diversity, grace under pressure, sportsmanship and learning through failure can be taught and learned through the game of basketball, all of which help all of our athletes become better, more well-rounded individuals, ready to face the challenges of adulthood.