“Our mission is to dramatically improve every player’s skill level each season. By focusing on both the physical and mental aspects of the game, we will work with every player to set achievable goals designed to increase their ability, confidence and competitive drive. The end result should be each individual player’s enhanced capacity to triumph against the highest levels of competition, both on and off the court.”

“Our mission is to dramatically improve every player’s skill level each season.”

Being part of a travel team is demanding and time consuming for all parties involved. We stress the importance of family, religion, education, and development of our players throughout our club at all levels.

Family is our number one priority and the foundation of our mission. Nothing is more important to us than a strong bond between our players and their family, as well as their extended Team Nikos family members. It is important to us that everyone is “rowing in the same direction”, and everyone gets along throughout our long season. If you need assistance or help, we are here to lend a hand. That’s what family does for one another; they help however they can.

Our players must understand the importance of schoolwork. Good grades throughout the school year is expected and regularly checked by our coaches. We stress the importance of achieving good marks on report cards because we want our athletes to know what will be expected of them as they enter into Middle School, High School and College. The ultimate goal for most Team Nikos players is to receive athletic scholarships, and without a solid GPA throughout High School, those chances decrease dramatically. Coaches will ask for report cards two to three times per season.

One of our primary goals is to produce highly visible student athletes, who will hopefully receive Athletic Scholarships to play at the college level.