Training Camp

At the “Training camp” we develop skill and basketball I.Q. You will learn how to be a complete player and learn the game within the game.

Club Level & Advanced Players ONLY

Pick and roll reads

Screen reads

How to guard screens

Drive and kick

Read and react

Shooting machine work

Extreme ball handling

Intense & energetic atmosphere

And so much more!


Monday & Wednesday
2nd - 8th Grade: 5:30pm - 7pm


Ladera Sports Center
2 Terrace Rd
Ladera Ranch

The more complete of a basketball player you become the harder you are to guard and the more value you bring to your team.

At the “Training camp" we will teach you every aspect of the game to ensure that you have a better understanding and get you ready to compete at a high level.

If you are simply just a scorer and can’t play defense then you are going to limit yourself, because your coach can’t trust you on defense. On offense if you can shoot really well, but can’t handle the basketball then the defender is just going to crowd you and not let you shoot any open shots, you become easy to guard. Don’t limit yourself and your game by allowing yourself to not fully develop as a player.

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